setOnDeclMay only be set upon declaration via Core::extend() or mixIn.

settableMay be set upon declaration via Core::extend() or mixIn and/or read/written directly on run-time.

setOnDeclViaPushMay only be set after Core::extend() using MyClass.prop.push(...).

readOnlyMay only be read, not changed.

inMergePropsThis property is listed in _mergeProps by default so subclasses defining it add to their parents’ objects instead of overwriting them entirely (but identical keys are still overwritten).

es6thiswarninBBWarning: avoid using ES6 arrow functions as handlers due to their fixed this (es6this).

In Backbone…

unorderedAttention: JavaScript objects are unordered. See the description of Ordered.

Event system (evt):tag_Events


Object’s lifecycle (construct, attach, render, update):tag_Lifecycle

Children and nesting (chld):tag_Nesting

Dealing with options (opt):tag_Options

Utility methods (util):tag_Utilities

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